Why a Care Plan Is Essential for the Success of Your Business Website

Website Maintenance Care Plan

You’ve just invested in a site for your business. Awesome!

But there’s something that not a lot of web designers and developers mention to clients once they hand over the keys. I know because I was guilty of it myself.

I’m talking about website care and maintenance.

You don’t just build a house and the work is done forever, right? Things break, need replacing, and accidents happen. You need to keep it clean. Keep it looking good, both inside and out.

The same is true of a website. And especially a business website.

What is a WordPress Care Plan and Why Does It Matter?

A care plan is essentially a maintenance plan. But supercharged. It’s about maximizing your website’s potential.

A lot can go wrong when a site isn’t properly maintained and taken care of. Regularly checking for problems and making improvements is what keeps your website set up for success.

Here’s why it matters:

Your Site Is More Secure

Websites get hacked. All. The. Time. According to WebARX, “hackers attack every 39 seconds”. And it’s not just large businesses and websites that are targeted. On the Wordfence blog (a well-known WordPress security plug-in) in a section titled “My Site Isn’t Important Enough to Be Interesting to Attackers” Andie writes:

Unfortunately, that’s just not true. According to a 2014 study, 60% of all online website attacks were small and midsize businesses. An even more sobering statistic: because these smaller online entities simply don’t have the resources or safety nets necessary to immediately rebound from these attacks, another study found that 60% of small businesses that suffer a cyberattack close down within the year.

That sounds dramatic. But unfortunately, it’s also true. So you can see why security is a big deal for your site, and needs to be prioritised. With a Care Plan you can rest easy knowing that your site is backed up in case of an emergency.

Your Site Runs Smoothly and Faster

Outdated sites get slower over time. This can be caused by database bloat (such as post revisions, unused plugins, spam comments, etc), and new internet technology, among other things. 

Regular maintenance will keep things moving along smoothly.

Your Site Remains Google-friendly

Google ranks outdated sites lower. Visitors stop coming to your site. It’s a vicious cycle.

As with anything in the online world, trends come and go. New rules come into play. A Care Plan ensures that you don’t get left behind, and your website continues it’s upward climb.

Real-life Case Study

Jenny, a client of mine, experienced this first-hand. One day her website was showcasing her beautiful photography. The next, visitors were greeted with messages that made even me blush.

Her website had been hacked and malware uploaded. Something she hadn’t even known was possible. And guess who had discovered this? A potential client who was looking for wall art for her home! Embarrassing right?

At that time Jenny and I had been working together for a while on her social media marketing and photography, so she reached out to me as soon as she saw what was going on with her website.

It was a mess. Her web host hadn’t been able to help. Even worse? She didn’t have any recent updates. Even the backup she had wasn’t complete.

She decided that now was the perfect time for a brand-new website. So it all worked out in the end. But it could have been much worse. Her business’s reputation could have been damaged irreparably .

Jenny is now on one of the Care Plans, and rests easier at night knowing that her website (and business) is in safe hands.

Here’s Jenny:

I never want to experience that again. I like that I can contact her when I'm concerned about something and be reassured that everything is okay. I know my website is now in safe hands.

Why the DIY Approach Isn’t Recommended

You can most certainly do the work yourself, but it’s risky, and a lot can go wrong. It’s more complicated than it might look on the surface. For example, it’s not as simple as clicking “update” on a plugin. If that update conflicts with other plugins or has issues, it can lead to errors, or worse, break your website.

As is the case with most things in life, it costs more to fix, than it does to maintain.

You already have a lot to deal with and manage on a daily basis. So when you’re on a care plan, you can focus on what you know, and do, best. Running your business.


In order for a business website to stay successful and continue to work for you, a care plan can make all the difference.

Ignoring maintenance can cause a lot of issues. From security, speed, and lower SEO rankings, to potential lost revenue and clients/customers.

Your website is an investment. An asset. And it deserves to be properly maintained and cared for.

Protect your investment today with a website care plan!







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